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What Does Termite Damage To My Home Look Like?

Apr 17, 2019 -- Posted by : Thomas Pest Control


Termite damage is a serious issue. Sometimes you don't even know the termites are there until you've seen the damage. Unfortunately, the only way to repair termite damage done to wood is to have the compromised wood removed and replaced. That is a headache any homeowner would want to avoid. Here are some problems a termite infestation can cause for your home.


Eastern Subterranean Termites

Mud tubes or mounds.

  • Around the base of your home or in the crawlspace, you may find tube-like structures called shelter tubes. This is a sign of a subterranean termite colony. They build their colony underground and come to the surface to feed. These tubes are held together with termite spit and fecal matter and are a mess to clean up.

Damage in the home.

  • Subterranean Termites eat along the grain of the wood. In unfinished basements or parts of the house where the framework is visible, look for visible channels of wood that have been eaten away parallel to the grain.
  • In parts of the house where the wood isn't visible, look for surface irregularities. The walls or ceilings may appear rippled or bulged out. Laminate floors may develop hills or look like they are swelling.
  • Severe damage from subterranean termites will look a lot like rotting wood. It could be mistaken for water damage if all of the other signs have been overlooked. There can be discoloration and deterioration.

Since subterranean termite numbers grow quickly and they systematically destroy the wood where it's softest, considerable damage can happen quickly. Catching the signs early can keep repairs down significantly.


Early detection and treatment is much less costly than extensive home repairs. The best way to keep your home safe from termites or pests of any sort is to schedule an inspection. Thomas Pest Control offers an inspection to evaluate possible infestations and damage to your home, property or business. We are the experts for prevention or treatment service solutions no matter the size.


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