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The Top 3 Ways Professional Pest Control Can Help You Save This Summer

Jul 18, 2019 -- Posted by : Thomas Pest Control



When the weather heats up for the summer in Charlotte area, all kinds of pests that were dormant during the winter months come alive and can cause all sorts of issues for your home. Ants at a picnic might spring to mind, but the effect these and other insects can have on your living can be extensive and costly. Employing a professional pest control service can help you avoid nasty surprises brought on by these critters, while also saving you money over the course of the season. Read on for the top three ways professional pest control services can save you money this summer.

Backyard Termites

While you may have had your home inspected for termites to keep your house from having structural issues, it's often less common to check structures that aren't essential to the home like porches or decks. Don't make this mistake. Termites are just as excited as you are to get outdoors in the summer, and that means plenty of new food sources you might have forgotten. Just like any other wooden structure, termites can cause irreparable damage to your outdoor wooden structures like decks or garden sheds, in some cases leading to a complete loss of the structure. Quality pest control can detect issues before they get out of hand and quickly remove a termite threat.


Ants On Parade

Ants are a frustration for many homeowners, and you can bet they are hungry after a long winter of hibernation. Seeming a small problem, many residents with ant intruders are inclined to try DIY solutions that include traps or poison. Unfortunately, these attempts often fall  short of dealing with the issue for a variety of reasons, including infestation from multiple different ant nests. Do-it-yourselfers often end up having to repeatedly buy ant treatments that have little more than a temporary effect, all the while seeing their food contaminated by unwelcome guests. At the end of the summer, many of these homeowners discover that they would have saved substantial time, money, and frustration if they had chosen professional pest control services at the first sign of ant intrusion.


Boring Bees

Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem, but not in your home. Carpenter bees in particular love to use the structures we live in as their homes too, and unlike termites, are often missed on home inspections because their burrowing activities take much longer - often years to fully develop. Like all pollinators, carpenter bees are most active in the summer and are especially risky to retaining walls or wooden fences that are often found among flowering plants and other flora. Left unchecked for many seasons, these structures can collapse and become a major expense to repair. In some of the worst cases, damage caused by these burrowing bees can cause structural damage to a home like foundation cracks that can lead to flooding. If you notice bees emerging from wooden structures of any kind on your property, make the smart decision and contact professional pest control services to eliminate them and save yourself a headache down the road.


Pests and insects might seem like a natural part of summer, but left unchecked they can cause serious damage to your home or property that could eat up your entire vacation budget if not addressed promptly. If you notice an infestation, save yourself the trouble of a drawn out battle and get the professionals on the phone - Thomas Pest Control is just a phone call away! Call today at 704-847-3468 or contact us online and say goodbye to summertime pests.


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