The Importance of Treating Interior and Exterior for Pest Removal

May 23, 2022 -- Posted by : Thomas Pest Control

If you've ever had a dog that had a flea problem, you know that it's not enough to just treat the dog for fleas. You need to treat his bed, the couch he likes to sleep on, and any other areas of your home where fleas like to hide.

Your house is very much the same. If you have a pest problem inside your house, it's very likely that you have the same problem outside. This means that you need to treat both areas, and here's why.

They're Coming from Somewhere

When pests find their way into your home, they're coming from somewhere close by. Maybe you have a drain near your home where there's a cockroach colony. Or maybe there's standing water nearby where mosquitoes breed. Perhaps your dog does have fleas, and he's getting them from the sandpit he likes to roll in.

Whatever the source of the problem, if you only treat the pest problem in your home and not the source, it's very likely to happen again.

Treat Adults and Eggs

When it comes to insects, one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to solve a pest problem is that they only treat the adults that they can see. But where there are adult insects, there are eggs somewhere too. If you don't address that problem, you're only likely to have a short time before the problem is right back in your home.

Long Hibernation and Dormancy

Another problem that many people don't account for is that when they treat the insects or pests inside their homes, there might be others outside that are hibernating or dormant.

Many mammals that are considered pests, like mice or rats, tend to be less active during the winter. So you might think you've solved the problem in the fall, only to have it come back in the spring.

The same applies to insects. Many insect eggs and larvae don't hatch until the conditions are right. However, they're still there, just waiting for the right moment to hatch and move into your home!

You Might Solve One Problem, and Create Another

Sometimes, treating a pest problem in your home creates the opportunity for another type of creature to move in. One type of pest might be keeping another type of pest under control, and when you remove the more visible problem, you find that you're now dealing with a whole new critter.

Create a Buffer

The best reason to treat the inside and the outside of your home when you have a pest problem is that you will create a buffer zone around your home. This helps to keep pests away from your home, and gives you time to close up some of the areas they're using to get into your home.

If you have a pest problem that you can't manage, contact our team. We've been helping people to get rid of pests for more than 50 years, and we can certainly help you!


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