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TERMITES: The Laws of Attraction

Mar 23, 2020 -- Posted by : Thomas Pest Control



Nothing makes eastern subterranean termites swipe right quite like the Carolinas. The humid, subtropical climate is exactly what the little buggers look for in a habitat—and sugar, Carolina's got plenty of it.

We've all let ourselves get into something a little self-destructive, but the thing about termites is that they are as clingy as they are pernicious. By the time they're in your house, you can be sure an entire colony has you surrounded. And ignoring them isn't an option—unattended to termite damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars to properly repair! Talk about deadbeats! If you're not in the market for 50,000 to 2 million significant others, these are some of the thirst traps you can avoid to let them know that you're just not that into them.

Hide Your Wood

This may come as a surprise, but most subterranean termites don't live in wood. Like ants, subterranean termites build expansive and intricate colonies in the soil, expanding into any wood objects in contact with the soil. Termites build permanent sub colonies in trees and houses, but they don't discriminate when it comes to wood. That means if you have a firewood pile that rests against a facade or bushes with roots pushing into your foundation, they will use it as a backdoor into your house. They can even travel through mulch and clogged gutters! And speaking of your foundation...

Don’t Buy Them a Drink

Above all, subterranean termites need a moist environment to survive—that’s why they live where the humidity never drops below 90%. But while you can’t do anything about the water in the air, you can do something about the water in your house. Poor ventilation and drainage turns your basement into a refreshing bug sauna, and leaky pipes offer termites a fresh, never-ending tap for drinking. Buy a dehumidifier to let termites know it’s after last call, or hire a plumber to fix your leaking pipes to cut off their supply.

Kick Those Pests to the Curb

While it’s always cheaper and easier to prevent unwanted entomological advances, sometimes you get an aggressive termite that just won’t take the hint. Once they’re in, they’re in, and the only thing you can do is call in a bouncer. When you need termites exterminated, only Thomas Pest Control has the decades of entomological knowledge and regional experience to get termites out of your home. Don't let pests take over your life. Call (704) 847-3468 for a consultation today!


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