INFOGRAPHIC: Black or Carpenter Ants: Which six legged menace is in your home?

May 30, 2022 -- Posted by : Thomas Pest Control

In the world of ants, there is none more destructive than the carpenter ants. These six-legged menaces gain entry into your home through damp or decaying wood, creeping into your walls and potentially damaging the structure of your home.

Their cousins, the black ants, are a much milder nuisance, causing havoc in your kitchen cupboards as they snack away at your cereals and sugary treats.

Do you know the difference?

TPC - Q2 Infographic - Carpenter vs Black Ants


Ants are a nuisance. However, knowing the difference between black and carpenter ants will help make sure that the strategy that you use will keep these house pests away.


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