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How to Keep Bed Bugs From Crashing Your Summer Vacation

Jul 1, 2018 -- Posted by : Thomas Pest Control

Nothing can ruin a summer vacation or a great trip to visit family and friends like bringing bed bugs home. Unfortunately, bed bugs are small, stealthy creatures and are excellent hitch-hikers. They will catch a ride with people in luggage, clothing, purses, bookbags, among other items that provide dark spaces to hide. Remaining diligent and thoroughly inspecting your room and luggage before and after your trip will help you avoid bringing these pesky blood suckers home.

When you arrive into the room where you are staying overnight, place your luggage on the luggage rack instead of the floor or on the bed. Inspect the luggage rack for any signs of bed bugs – live bugs, fecal spots which appear like black ink spots, as well as the shed skins of bed bugs that have molted. While you are conducting your room inspection, you can place your luggage in the tub because it is highly unlikely that bed bugs have infested the shower or tub.

Once you’ve taken care of your luggage, it’s important to thoroughly inspect the place that you will be sleeping. Pull any bedding material off of the bed, including sheets, so that you can carefully inspect the mattress. Bed bugs tend to hide near the head of the bed, next to the wall, so pay careful attention to this area and any folds or tufts of the mattress. Bed bugs also like to hide in mattress tags, so check these areas thoroughly as well. If there is a headboard, inspect it as well and other parts of the frame and box springs. Other areas of the room could be infested as well, so a quick inspection with a bright LED flashlight of furniture, especially night stands, would help ensure that you are limiting yourself from bed bug exposure. If you do come across a bed bug, either take a picture, or if you are brave, seal it in a bag and then take it to management. They should be able to move you into a new room if you are staying in a hotel. If you believe you have brought bed bugs into your home, contact us so that we can do a thorough inspection of your luggage and home for your peace of mind.


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