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Mosquito Tips: How to Enjoy Your Backyard This Summer

May 27, 2020 -- Posted by : Thomas Pest Control



As homeowners continue to stay safe at home and practice social distancing, having a well-maintained, usable backyard is more important than ever. One of the most important aspects of having a comfortable, outdoor living space — particularly in mosquito-heavy regions like Charlotte, NC — is ensuring it is free of mosquitos and pests. This article will share the tips you need to know to enjoy your backyard this summer by reducing the amount of pesky mosquitoes in your backyard, so you can enjoy your time outdoors.

Maintain foliage

Plant additional flowers and greenery, as you will inevitably be spending more time in your backyard. Incorporate potted plants and vibrant hanging flowers to add color and greenery to the area. If you lack a green thumb, artificial potted boxwoods will add a clean, uniformed look. 

Pest Prevention Tip: Avoid letting standing water accumulate in potted plants to help prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Also, clear any brush to help reduce the number of mosquitos in the area.


Perform necessary maintenance

Consistent maintenance is an important part of making your backyard an enjoyable extension of home. Taking the correct maintenance steps will help prevent mosquitoes from coming back and infesting the area. 

Pest Prevention Tip: Remove debris and leaves from gutters, drill holes in the bottom of garbage cans to prevent standing water, repair leaky outdoor faucets, remove any water that is pooling on tarps, and change the water in outdoor pet dishes.


Accessorize the outdoor living area

Incorporate outdoor living space accessories to create a cozy outdoor living area. Add an outdoor accent rug to anchor the space, and incorporate colorful outdoor pillows and cushions for additional seating options. Arrange an outdoor bar cart to store snacks and cold beverages. For cooler nights, fill a basket with cotton blankets to stay warm, while taking advantage of outdoor summer evenings. Providing additional seating options, such as garden stools, can be a multi-functional addition that can be used as a food rest, extra seating, or to set down refreshments.

Pest Prevention Tip: Remove any water that accumulates in the area following rainfall, such as brushing off water from the outdoor rug, and bring pillows and cushions inside every night. Immediately clean up leftover food and beverages, to avoid attracting any additional pests.


Plant a vegetable or herb garden

Growing your own produce and herbs can make your meals feel extra special. For vegetable garden novices, a starter kit can make the growing process less intimidating. Herbs are also a great option for beginners, because they are easy to grow, take up minimal space, and can create a delicious aroma in the backyard.


Create a dining space

Take advantage of summer days and nights by dining as much as possible al fresco. Install an oversized umbrella to keep the table cool, arrange a brightly colored table cloth to set the scene, and set the table with outdoor plates, cutlery and glasses. 

Pest Prevention Tip: Wash the tablecloth after every use, and hose down the surface, to eliminate pests infesting the area.


Add lighting

Outdoor lighting is the finishing touch to creating a cozy backyard this summer. As you sit outside taking in a sunset, enjoying a meal or gathering by the fire pit, outdoor string lights or lanterns will help you enjoy your backyard with additional ambience.

Pest Prevention Tip: Mosquitos are notorious for coming out when the sun sets, so contact a pest control company to treat the area for mosquitos.


For additional information on reducing mosquitos and pests in your backyard this summer, contact Thomas Pest Control to learn more.



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