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A Charlotte's Homeowners Guide to Spiders

Apr 12, 2022 -- Posted by : Thomas Pest Control

Non-venomous spiders native to North Carolina can prove useful as they may get rid of other pests around your home. When it comes to venomous ones, the situation is radically different as they only have cons. Since Charlotte is no stranger to venomous spiders, being able to identify them is very important.

Venomous Spiders in Charlotte NC

Black Widow

You can recognize black widows by their large, shiny, black bodies. Females have a red hourglass shape on the abdomen and are aggressive when protecting their egg sacs. They usually hide in damp, dark areas.
Their bite can cause muscle aches, redness, burning and swelling at the bite site, fever, chills, stiff muscles, nausea, vomiting, sweating, tremors, increased blood pressure, and even shock. It can prove fatal to young children, the elderly, and immune-compromised people.

Brown Recluse

Brown and rather small, these spiders have a violin-shaped mark on their back and three pairs of eyes. When outdoors, they hide in woodpiles or under rocks, while indoors they usually go for boxes or shoes.
Brown recluse spider bites are painful and the bite site can blister, itch, and turn purple in the middle. There is no antidote for their necrotic venom and healing can take weeks or even months.

False Widow

Resembling a black widow except for the red hourglass mark, this spider favors basements and closets to outdoor areas. Its bite is less severe than that of a black widow, but it can still get infected and cause fever, chills, headaches, lethargy, and nausea.

Yellow Sac Spider

These small spiders have a brownish head and can sometimes be cream instead of yellow. They are very common throughout Charlotte and the rest of North Carolina and tend to favor outdoor spaces. When indoors, you can often find them in the closet, dresser, or even on the bed.

Usual bite symptoms include muscle cramps, rash, fever, and nausea. If you are sensitive to their venom, you can develop more severe symptoms.

Recommended action: If bitten by any venomous spider, get medical treatment immediately.

Non-Venomous Spiders in Charlotte NC

Wolf Spider

Often found in sheds, they are fairly large and do not spin webs. They primarily eat small insects like flies, earwigs, and ants. If they feel threatened they may bite people, but don't pose a threat.


Commonly found in gardens, they come in many colors and sizes and stand out by building sticky spiral webs to catch their prey. They are reluctant to bite and symptoms are negligible.

House Spider

Small and usually brown, house spiders are harmless to humans. They prey on small insects, benefitting the household. However, they can easily breed to the point of infestation.

Jumping Spider

Found mostly outdoors, jumping spiders are small and not considered harmful to people. They are unlikely to infest your house, as they prefer vegetation.

Recommended action: If you are concerned about any type of spider in and around your Charlotte home, call pest control experts. They will swiftly identify and handle the problem for you.


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