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A Charlotte Homeowner’s Guide to Winter Spiders

Dec 15, 2021 -- Posted by : Thomas Pest Control

When the temperature drops in Charlotte, creatures big and small cope with the weather in different ways. Some migrate south, some grow winter coats, and some hibernate. When it comes to spiders, they tend to fall into one of three categories: those that enter a hibernation-like state called diapause, those that live inside year round, and those that seek shelter.

Why You See More Spiders Indoors in the Winter

During the winter months, it may feel like there are more spiders inside your home. While only about five percent of the spiders you see in your home came from the outdoors, there are reasons why you may be finding more eight-legged roommates.

It’s Cold

Spiders are very resistant to the cold and have their own natural form of antifreeze to protect them from freezing to death. However, the cold weather slows them down to allow them to conserve energy. Sustained cold temperatures in the winter may cause them to seek a warm place to hide so that they can hunt for food.

One spider that does specifically seek out warmth in the winter is the brown recluse spider, a common venomous arachnid in North Carolina. As their name suggests, they prefer dark and secluded areas that aren’t frequently invaded by humans. Look for them in shoes or with items which have been stored for a while, like clothing, bedding, or seasonal decorations.

Spiders Go Where the Food Goes

While spiders may not always need to come inside from the cold, many other insects will seek refuge in a warm home. If spiders are facing low food supplies outdoors, they may make their way inside to pursue more plentiful prey.

Your Spiders Have Grown

Spiderlings hatch in the summer and fall, and those tiny baby spiders are very easy to miss. However, as they grow into adulthood, they are much easier to spot, making it seem like there are more spiders around.

You’re There to See Them

Spiders like the American house spider or daddy long legs are commonly found in your home year round. However, as the weather outside gets colder, humans spend more time indoors. The more time you spend at home, the more frequently you'll spot spiders and their webs.

How to Reduce Spiders In Your Home

Reduce Moisture and Humidity Indoors: Many bugs are attracted to moisture, so anywhere that attracts them is a great place for spiders to hunt.

Remove Spider Webs And Eggs: Whenever you see spider webs around your home, you should clear them. The best way is to vacuum to ensure you get the web, spider and eggs. Be sure to take the vacuum bag outside to dispose of it.

Eliminate the Insects They Eat: When you eliminate the other pests in your home, you’re leaving the spiders without a food source. Maintaining a year-round contract with a professional pest control company is the easiest way to keep your home free of bugs and the spiders that eat them.

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