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5 Ways Pests are Finding Their Way into Your Home to Escape the Summer Heat

Aug 25, 2021 -- Posted by : Thomas Pest Control

As temperatures rise during the summer, you’ve probably noticed an increase in pests, either outside or around the home. There are a few reasons behind this. Most common pests are more active when temperatures rise, plus there is more food and water—in short, it’s prime time for pests to feed, grow and multiply!

So how do you keep them out of the house? We’ll show you what’s bringing them indoors so you can keep them out.

1. Screen Out Unwanted Visitors

For many, summer means fresh breezes and open windows. This is one of the easiest ways for pests of all types to invade your home. Gnats, mosquitoes and flies especially will take advantage of even the tiniest tears in window screens, so make sure that your screens are in good repair to keep bugs out.

2. Seal Exterior Doorways

All kinds of bugs can slip through cracks in doorways. This list includes flies, bees and wasps, or even things like roaches and spiders. Make sure gaps around doors are filled with caulk or another sealant, and check your door thresholds and weather-stripping to make sure they’re providing a tight seal.

3. Patch Up Around the House

Bugs will find a way, no matter how small or hard to reach an opening may be. Ants, roaches, beetles and spiders can invade through cracks in foundations or through utility openings that are low to the ground. Flying bugs like flies, gnats, bees, wasps and hornets can come in through higher utility openings—and in the worst case, you may find bees, wasps or hornets building nests in these nooks. Keep all of them out by going over your home’s exterior to seal any gaps, crevices or openings you can find.

4. Take Special Measures Against Termites

Termites love wood—and if you want to keep them out of your home, then you’ll need to take extra measures. However, you should also consider removing any wood around your house. This includes lumber, firewood, and even mulch, which has been known to attract termites. Keep woodpiles away from the house, and opt for groundcovers or other mulch alternatives that termites can’t munch.

5. Eliminate Bug Attractants

Even the most carefully sealed homes will still have a few spots where bugs can slip in. One of the best ways to keep them out is to make your home’s interior as bug-unfriendly as possible. Keep moisture levels to a minimum, especially in dark, damp areas like basements and crawl spaces where centipedes, spider crickets and other moisture-loving bugs like to lurk. To keep gnats, flies and ants out of the house, make sure to clean up food—including pet food—when you’ve finished eating, and empty the trash regularly.

Try each of these tricks as temperatures rise, and most of the time, pests will look for places other than your home to beat the summer heat. It is also beneficial enlist the help of a professional, like Thomas Pest Control, to proactively treat your home to keep pest away. Contact us today to see how we can help!


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