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5 Guidelines: When to Hire a Pest Control Professional

Jun 26, 2019 -- Posted by : Thomas Pest Control


Have you woken up in the night to scratching and squeaking noises? Do bugs congregate in your windows? If you have ever experienced these problems you know the importance of hiring a pest control professional. Hiring a pest control team can ensure that your pest problem is conquered once and for all. Many homeowners try to tackle their pest problem by themselves. They end up wasting money on pesticides from their local DIY store that just don't get the job done. These chemicals act like a band-aid, providing a temporary fix for a long term problem. Thomas Pest Control takes every job seriously. We don't offer a temporary fix. We'll fix the pest problem safely, effectively, and professionally.


When You Decide to Get Professional Pest Control

  • Ask your friends and neighbors for referrals.
  • Research the referral with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Ask the company about guarantee policies.
  • Make sure that the company is transparent about the chemicals that will be used.
  • Follow all of the guidelines given by the pest control company in order to keep yourself and your family safe during the pest control procedure.

Asking friends and neighbors for referrals is very helpful. If you are experiencing pest control problems it's likely that your neighbors have as well. In the Charlotte, North Carolina area Thomas Pest Control is known for its quality customer service and knowledgeable pest control technicians. No matter how good the referrals are, check with the Better Business Bureau first before choosing a professional pest control company. The Better Business Bureau can give you additional information about reputable companies in your area.


How Can I Keep My Pest Problem From Recurring?

Once you have decided on a pest control company, visit the company and ask questions. Are they upfront about pricing or are there hidden fees? Make sure to ask them about follow up treatments. Understand how often your home needs to be treated to keep the pest control problem from coming back. No pest control problem is a one time fix. The environment in North Carolina is the perfect habitat for many troublesome pest populations. Bi-annual pest control check-ups should be part of any home maintenance plan. Put pest control on your spring cleaning to do list and add it to your pre-holiday preparations in the fall.


Some common pests of North Carolina are roaches, ants, ticks, fleas and termites. Thomas Pest Control is familiar with the common pests of the area including rodent species. Ask our qualified technicians if you have any questions about the type of pest you may be facing. Chances are very good that we've had experience with your problem many times before. Our main goal is to provide quality service that meets our customers' satisfaction in every way.


We work with builders in the Charlotte area to prevent termite infestations taking hold in new construction. Using liquid pesticides, our qualified technicians treat wood and place termite baits that keep termites at bay for years.


Along with providing pest control measures, Thomas Pest Control also offers preventative measures to lessen the chance of pest problems starting. We offer moisture reduction options such as dehumidifiers, vapor barriers, and moisture monitoring devices. Call us today to speak with our qualified professionals about getting your pest problem taken care of!


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