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4 Reasons Why You Need Pest Control in the Winter

Dec 9, 2022 -- Posted by : Thomas Pest Control

Winter is here, and there is a chill in the air. With the change of seasons, it may seem that preventative pest control services are no longer needed, but this is not the case. Foregoing your pest control service in the winter months could create a severe pest problem for you in the future. 

It may seem like a great way to save money by skipping preventative pest control service in the winter, but in the long run, it could actually cost you more. Here are the 4 main reasons you should consider preventative pest control in the winter:

1. Prevention is the best protection

The very best protection against pests is preventing them from ever entering your home. The winter provides a wonderful opportunity for an inspection and to seal off any openings where pests can enter your home. This is also a great time to address any other pest issues before they become a much more significant issue in the warmer seasons.  If you skip out on winter pest control services, you could need additional services in the Spring and summer seasons to address insects that came in during the winter. 

2. Some pests are still active

Spiders are not just seasonal pests. Spiders are present and active all year long. They enter your home in the winter seeking warmth and food. While in your home, they can create webs and pose other issues, such as laying eggs, which can create an even larger pest problem for you. While most spiders are not harmful to humans, some can cause a very serious bite, so treating your home for any spiders is important in the winter.

Rodents such as rats and mice seeking warmth in the winter can find it in your home's crawlspace, attic and even under your appliances or in kitchen cabinets. 

Bed bugs are a problem year-round. With the winter months comes holiday travel for many people. Bed bugs love to be in areas with large numbers of people, this can be buses, trains, hotels, cabs, and many other places. If you plan to travel during the winter months you should plan to have preventative pest control services come to your home shortly after you return, this can help make sure if you did bring any bed bugs home with you that they are treated promptly. 

3. Firewood and Fireplaces 

Firewood and fireplaces see more use in the winter than at any other time of the year. Your woodpile and cozy fireplace also create a very welcoming environment for many pests, including silverfish, termites, roaches and spiders. In the winter, pests seek a warm environment, and your wood pile provides great warmth and protection from the winter elements.  

4. Dormant Insects 

Insects migrate, especially during winter months. They seek warmth and food. Cabinets, pantries, closets, attics and basements are an ideal environment in the winter for pests. Many of these insects will come into your home during the fall and winter months and be dormant until spring and then will be in your home and can build nests.  At that point, the pest issue will be much larger and require much more treatment. 

Contact us today for a complete inspection this winter. We can help you address any concerning areas of your home where pests may be entering, treat your home to prevent future pest problems, and help you stay on top of any current pest problems.


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4 Reasons Why You Need Pest Control in the Winter

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