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4 Common Fall Pests and How to Keep Them Away

Oct 7, 2019 -- Posted by : Thomas Pest Control



Cool Autumn days are great for football games and family time, but any gathering could be spoiled by the presence of unwelcome fall pests. Here’s a look at some pests that could pose problems for Charlotte-area homeowners this fall and some tips to help keep them away.


Stink Bugs: You’ll find these pests, which originated in Asia, around during the summer and fall. They feed on more than 100 species of plants and are a major agricultural nuisance. They enjoy munching on apples the most, and they tend to introduce disease to trees and plants they feed on. To prevent stink bugs from entering your home, you’ll want to seal any cracks in walls, siding and where there are wall penetrations from pipes or wires into your home, and to keep crops pest-free, you’ll want to consult a Charlotte Pest Control Company to help you choose the safest and most effective treatment plan.


Bees and Wasps: While stinging bees and wasps become inactive in cold winter months, they are not gone completely. If you see a hive in your yard or near your home, remember, those bees and wasps are inside staying warm and regulating their temperature in order to make it through the winter. While they will likely leave you alone, if you spot a large hive in your yard, it might be a good time to call a pest control professional to your home to safely remove it. Don’t attempt to do it in on your own!


Fire ants: Fire ants will often build large mounds in yards and near foundations. They don’t like to be disturbed, so if you or your child accidentally steps on or kicks a mound, they can become more aggressive and bite. The fall is actually a good time to call a Charlotte pest control professional to your home to treat any fire ant problems because they’re very active this time of year. A pro with a good treatment plan will be able to eradicate them for you.


Rodents: Rodents such as house mice, Norwegian rats or roof rats are vectors of disease. They’re nocturnal and don’t like to be seen by humans. However, they behave like humans in that they enjoy warmer temperatures and want to come into your home as temperatures drop. They are also prolific breeders, so if you see one, chances are pretty good there are many more.


Just as with stink bugs, make sure you don’t have any penetrations on your exterior walls, as well as in eaves and soffit over-hangings, that might allow a rodent to enter your home. Some rodents only need a small hole the size of a quarter to enter a building. Keep brush trimmed back or away from the home as much as possible, as these can be harborage zones; and remove outside containers near the home with food scraps. In general, keep food covered inside and outside the home. If you find you have a problem, you’ll need to call a pest control professional to help you.


If you’re in need of pest control service or are concerned you may have a pest problem in your home, please contact us today.


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