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3 Things to Expect from the Thomas Pest Control Team

Jun 18, 2019 -- Posted by : Thomas Pest Control



When you hire a pest control company, you want more than just a guy with a sprayer. You want a professional team that expertly handles your pest control while communicating effectively and reassuring you along the way. You're entrusting them with your family's safety and comfort, and you deserve the best possible service.


At Thomas Pest Control, we understand the anxiety that pest issues can cause, and we are committed to delivering solutions that work while providing excellent customer service. Here are three things you can expect when you hire the Thomas Pest Control team for your pest control in Charlotte:


An Experienced Team

With over 50 years of experience working in pest control, we can offer a team of experts who can identify and solve any pest problems you're experiencing. From insects to small animals, we have seen it all and we know which solutions will work for your home. Whether you're dealing with a common pest issue or something more unusual, you want a knowledgeable team with decades of experience. Our technicians stay up to date on the latest developments in pest control, including new treatments and pest behaviors.


Excellent Customer Service

In addition to solving your pest issues, we want to provide you with the highest level of customer service. Our technicians are professional, polite and communicative. They will listen to all of your concerns, explain the treatments they're providing, and give you helpful advice about how to reduce your pest issues going forward. They take the time to truly understand your pest issues and they won't leave until you are satisfied with their service. We want our customers to have as much information as possible about their pest control issue and our solutions, and we want you to feel like your concerns are being heard.


Our reputation for great customer service is evidenced by testimonials from satisfied clients, who say our technicians do "an amazing job" and are "professional, courteous, knowledgeable, thorough, and patient".


The Extra Mile

At Thomas Pest Control, we go beyond simply treating your home for pests. We also offer a variety of moisture control solutions as well as termite prevention, so that your home will be protected against future damage rather than just treated for the current issue. We can perform mosquito control measures around your house to keep your yard safer from pests as well. We also offer thermal radiation treatment for bed bugs, which can provide more effective control than other treatments. While pest control is our primary focus, we value our ability to protect your home against many types of damage so that you and your family can be more comfortable and safe in your home.


If you suspect you have an infestation of any kind, or just want more information on treating and preventing pest issues in your home, contact Thomas Pest Control today for a quote or to schedule an on-site visit. Find out how our outstanding team can deliver the pest control solutions you need while providing top-notch customer service.


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